Access eLearning

access sls elearning

To access the eLearning follow these instructions.

Login to your Members Area
Click “eLearning” on the top menu
Click “Login to eLearning now

Browse available courses in the ‘Training Library‘ section.

Click ‘Enrol’ to access the course.

Enrolled courses will appear in the ‘My Training’ section.

To access courses that you have been automatically assigned or have enrolled in, including your annual skills maintenance update, select ‘My Training’ from the menu which will be located on the left of your screen.

Courses are broken into modules and these can be completed at your own pace. To return to a course currently in progress select ‘My Training’ and select the course you wish to continue with.

For assistance email

complete online skills maintenance prior to December 31st

Skills maintenance online

Skills maintenance is an important part of a lifesavers training. Each year lifesavers are required to complete a theory and practical component, testing their knowledge and skills to ensure they continue to meet the standards set out in the awards they hold and that they are up to date with the latest updates that have occurred in the past 12months.

At the commencement of the new season members will automatically be allocated the current skills Maintenance course – it will appear in the ‘My Training’ area of the eLearning platform.

The CTO will notify members when this is live and ready to be completed.

Once you have completed the online component you will be able to attend a face-to-face practical session at the Club. These sessions will be announced by the CTO.

Need help?

For further assistance members should refer to the ‘Members Area User Guide’ . If you continue to have difficulty contact