Carnivals and Competition

Fairy Meadow SLSC is once again becoming participate in carnivals and competitions especially at a nippers level. You don’t have to be a champion – just willing to give it a go! We encourage all of our nippers to think about doing carnivals this season. Good results are great, but our emphasis is on having a go!

img_6354Sometimes, if you’re not familiar with carnivals, it can seem a bit of a mystery and something that other ‘elite’ or  ‘seasoned’ nipper kids do – every nipper child can compete in carnivals (pending successful completion of proficiency swim – which we will help you with).

Please note, each club is required to provide people to help with the running of carnivals. Thus, parents of carnival kids will be required to assist (either as officials or water safety). This is not a big time commitment and can be easily worked out between parents.

Hopefully, the information below will help answer any questions you may have. If you have any further questions, please see Craig our Junior Chairperson.

What Are Surf Carnivals?

Carnivals are competitions where kids put into practice the skills they learn at nippers. The kids compete against kids from other clubs that are in the same age group. There are individual and team events. U8’s compete in flags, beach sprint, wade, wade relay and beach sprint relay. U9’s – U14’s compete in surf swim, board race, swim teams, board relay, sprint, flags, sprint relay. U11’s – U14’s also compete in ironperson events. There are also various team events such as board rescue and cameron relay. There are also all age relays for beach sprint (U8 – U14) and all age board relay (U9 – U14).