Become a Lifesaver at FM

We are always looking for new members interested in joining our Club to become a lifesaver.

To be a Lifesaver you will need to be available for Patrol on Sundays and the occasional public holiday

Being a surf lifesaver

Our lifesavers designate a flagged area for swimmers, provide supervision and educate the public on how to stay safe. Our biggest role is prevention but when required we perform rescues using a variety of equipment and power craft.

Not confident in the surf? We provide all the training you need and can develop a training plan to help you reach your goals. A patrol is a multidisciplinary team so while you are building your confidence level in the water, we can utilise you in other roles such as CPR and First Aid or administrative positions. Scroll down to read about being an ‘Award Member’.

Being a member of a Surf Club is about more than just patrolling a beach. Members at FM make friends for life, learn leadership and communication skills and can obtain a range of nationally-recognised qualifications.

Members have the opportunity to gain experience in leadership, administration, education, digital media, lifesaving, and junior activities. It is a great way to develop skills and build your CV!

Surf Rescue Certificate

The aim of this course is to provide participants with skills and knowledge related to surf awareness, aquatic rescue, operations, communication systems and equipment and resuscitation.

The Surf Rescue Certificate is an entry level course for ages 13 and up and is usually undertaken by our Nippers as part of their regular Nipper activities and is a stepping stone to the Bronze Medallion.

The course is recommended for SLS members who wish to:
perform in the role of SLS water safety personnel
take on a lifesaving cadetship and join a lifesaving patrol.

Bronze Medallion: PUA20119 Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

The aim of this course is to provide participants with skills and knowledge related to surf awareness, aquatic rescue operations, radio operations, resuscitation, emergency care, spinal management, communication, teamwork and Surf Life Saving patrol operations. This award includes and builds upon the SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate, and it is the prerequisite award for many other SLS pathway awards.

This is the award required to be a Lifesaver and perform rescues.

Award Members

There is a place at FM for everyone. We understand that performing rescues is not for everyone. There is an option to become an Award Member and patrol the beach. Award Members hold qualifications such as : provide CPR, Radio Operator, Advanced Resuscitation techniques and First Aid. While you will not be performing in water rescues, you will be utilised to respond to First Aid and other emergencies on the beach. Being an Award Member is a great way to get involved and you may find you are able to work towards achieving your Bronze Medallion later.

Please keep in mind we require Bronze Medallion qualified Lifesavers to respond to those in water emergencies. We encourage you to give it a go

To find out more contact:

Director of Lifesaving Tim Twyford: