Membership Renewal

Members can renew their membership online through the Members Area. Below you will find instructions on how to: Renew your membership, Update personal details, and pay your membership fees online.

If you have not created a Members Area account you will need to do so before you can access these online services. To create an account head to to the ‘SLSA Members Area‘ page on our website for instructions on creating an account.

How to renew your

membership online

1. Click Renew
2. Check the Season field shows the correct renewal season.
3. Review your membership profile and make any necessary changes
4. Tick the appropriate declarations boxes
5. Click Submit
6. If your submission is successful a confirmation screen will display advising the renewal request is pending approval by the club.
7. If you wish to make a payment to your club click the words ‘click here if you wish to pay online’ and the system will direct, you to the SLSA Payment Gateway

Online Payments
Members can pay for a range of transaction, including; Membership, Gym, Courses & Training Manuals, Merchandise, Lockers and Functions. Each SLS organisation determine the forms of payment they accept and may include: – Cash, cheque, online payments via the SLSA Payment Gateway, Direct Deposits or EFTPOS facility.

Change Membership Category
If a member believes they are eligible for a change in membership category due to their age or years of patrol service they can submit an online request to Change their membership category. Once the change category is submitted a pending request will be sent to the organisation for approval. The change will not occur until the request has been approved

User Guide

For further assistance members should refer to the ‘Members Area User Guide’ . If you continue to have difficulty contact