The 2021/22 Season is here!

Keeping safe on Patrol

Its going to be a season like no other. We launched our 2021/22 season under the shadow of COVID19 lockdowns and growing case numbers in Wollongong. To keep our members safe the FM executive team have made some changes in addition to the measures put in place by SLSNSW.


Members will need to have had 2 doses of a Coronavirus vaccine to patrol for the start of the season. This is a measure that will be reviewed regularly and changed as required.

If you have not received 2 doses of a vaccine you are still very much an essential part of our FM team and we hope to have you back with us on patrol soon.

Patrol Roster:

A patrol roster has been completed for the 2021/22 season and is ready to be rolled out. The Executive team made the decision to delay the implementation of the roster for now and instead allow members to volunteer themselves when available to cover our patrols for the first few weeks

This is in response to our Lifesaving questionnaire, we had numerous members express concern about patrolling in the current Coronavirus outbreak. No member will be pressured into patrolling during this time if they do not feel safe to do so. We will implement rostered patrols when the situation improves.

For now we greatly appreciate the help of those who are able to come down and patrol.

Patrol Setup:

The way we run our patrols has seen only a few small changes.

  1. Patrol numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 lifesavers at any given time. We are aiming to have just 3 where possible.
  2. Members must be 16years or older and have received 2 doses of a Coronavirus vaccine.
  3. Members are encouraged to create an exclusion zone around the patrol tent to provide a buffer between us and the public in an effort to maintain social distancing.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

SLSNSW has provided all Clubs with PPE, including: (Watch this video on how to don and doff your PPE)

  • Masks
  • Gowns
  • Eye wear
  • Face shields

Members are strongly encouraged to wear an N95 or P2 mask, Protective eye wear, and a gown when treating ANY patient. Full PPE MUST be donned prior to providing CPR.

Remember many Coronavirus positive people can be asymptomatic – It is important that you suspect that everyone you come into contact with could have the virus.